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About Us

About Us

Slice of Life is the brainchild of husband-wife duo Mauro and Rose Candido, and sister company to Woodbridge-based Euro Harvest Bakery. Since opening its doors in 2007, Euro Harvest Breads has quickly become a favourite in the GTA & surrounding area, where it’s known for its fresh selection of products and quality service.

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention, which is exactly how Slice of Life came to be. The low carb gluten-free approach was not only a response to increasing consumer demand, but a solution to Mauro’s own health concerns and issues with digestion. After understanding that an overwhelming majority of people’s issues with bloating, indigestion, tiredness and sluggishness are caused by an inability to process gluten, he saw the need to explore alternatives.

“When we feel these symptoms, that’s not normal,” says Mauro. “Our bodies are trying to tell us something.”

Through his own experience and a plethora of research, the entrepreneur set out to produce a delicious low carb gluten-free loaf that would cater to those with dietary restrictions for medical, physical or personal reasons.

“We wanted to help those who have a need for this product, first and foremost.”

After countless recipes and trials, the first loaf of Carb Wise Bread was created. The almond-flour-based product is low carb gluten-free, suitable for those with celiac disease and diabetes and packed with additional nutrients.

Mauro and Rose are passionate about their Carb Wise Bread and convinced the delicious loaf fills a huge void in the gluten-free market, providing a product that doesn’t compromise on protein or great taste!